Meet the Owners

Jeremy and Justin Hamilton started their lives in Excelsior Springs, Missouri and moved to North Georgia in 1998. The combination of a mid-west and southern upbringing has instilled strong family values and is the back bone of the honest and courteous service they provide.

Jeremy Hamilton

Co-owner and operator of Tomahawk Pest Services, has been in the pest management industry since 2004. Jeremy is certified by the Georgia Department of Agriculture as a Certified Pest Control Operator and Commercial Applicator. Jeremy is Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator certified by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. He always strives to gain a better understanding of the pests we face in the North Georgia area through continuing education classes, seminars and conferences.

When Jeremy is not working to rid your home of pests, he is a full time Lieutenant for a North Metro Atlanta Fire Department. He recently joined Georgia Search and Rescue Task Force 6 with extensive training in technical rescue incidents to help those in need all over the country.


Justin Hamilton

It is with a broken heart that I must announce the tragic and sudden passing of Justin Hamilton…my brother, my business partner, and my best friend. I know Justin has become a part of your families as we have always striven to provide that level of service to our customers.

I was reminded by a great friend last week why I started Tomahawk Pest Services. I was approached by 3 people to start this company, 2 were investors, and after multiple expensive meals, I politely said, “No, thank you.” The third was my brother. With his full faced and mischievous smile, he explained to me how he’s always wanted to own a business.

When I started studying for the tests required to have a Pest Control License here in Georgia, my great friend who knew about the first two asked me why I had changed my mind. I responded, “I need to take care of my brother.” Many of you haven’t seen me other than invoices or an occasional forwarded message to my brother, but I have been here. I have been allowing him to blossom in growing this company.

I tried to take care of him. Even up to the last phone conversation I had with him, I was giving my older brotherly advice, but I was at a loss for words. I simply explained, “I don’t know what to tell you to do now.” We both knew things had taken a turn for the worst. As angry as I was with Justin, I still tried to help him.

I loved him more than words will allow me to express. As much as I liked to rag on him, he was my best friend. But, as an older brother who started this business for us, I was constantly knocking him for the little mistakes. I griped about the checks that were deposited without me knowing about it, calling myself a detective because Justin sucked at communicating with me, I griped about service tickets not being filled out exactly right, and about the work I had sent him that still wasn’t done. It was my job.

I want to thank you for the love and support you have shown my family and me. HomeTec Exterminating is where we both got our start. I shook the hand of 4 of their employees at Justin’s visitation, including the owner who simply couldn’t speak because of emotion. I cannot express my thanks for the customers, friends, family, and strangers who have sent their condolences, their love, and their support. My brother touched the lives of many.

Justin Daniel Hamilton Obituary